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ABC Transport Plc ( commonly called ABC Motors ) began the road transport business on February 13, 1993.  ABC Transport operates bus services in various locations both within and outside Nigeria. The company also offers comfortable lounges in different cities like Jibowu & Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos, Aba, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Onitsha, Umuahia, Jos, Mbaise, Bolade, and Accra (Ghana).

ABC Motors has Its head office is located in Owerri, Imo State. It provides road travel services to local locations such as Calabar, Owerri, Awka, Mbaise, Umuahia, Jos, Uyo, PortHarcourt, Okene, Kaduna, Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Onitsha, and others. International destinations include Ghana,  Togo, and the Benin Republic.

ABC Transport was awarded the Best Transporter in Nigeria by the Chartered Institute of Transport, Nigeria and has consistently won the National Bus Operator of the Year Award along with other accolades.

ABC Trasport classifies its coach services into;  Executive Express, Shuttle services, Coach West Africa, Cargo Express, Sleeper services and Sprinter service. Its bus capacity ranges from  14 to 52 seater vehicles.

Abc Transport Company Nigeria, Online Booking, Price List, Cargo
Abc Transport Company Nigeria, Online Booking, Price List, Cargo

ABC Transport Nigeria

Online booking options are available on the ABC Transport website.  One might also prefer to book ABC Trasport bus tickets via a 3rd party online ticketing partner.  ABC Trasport Ltd also takes walk-in bookings at their various bus terminals. You are however advised to book at least a day prior to the desired travel date in order to secure a seat.

Compared to other road transporters, ABC Trasport is suitable for those with a small budget, especially for international trips. Every passenger who makes eleven trips with ABC Transport within a given year is entitled to a free ticket on his/her twelfth trip and gets a Gold Card with other privileges. ABC motors Transport also offers discounted fare to students and Youth Corpers. Children also a receive a discount of 50%.

ABC Motors Comfort

Coupled with its affordability, ABC Trasport also provides comfort for all its passengers. All vehicles are air-conditioned, the Executive Express vehicles are also fitted with DVD players.

ABC Trasport does not know the meaning of “African time”. Its buses depart not a minute later than scheduled. ABC drivers are well-trained and maintain a standard speed to ensure the safety of its passengers. If you arrive at your destination at night time, there’s no cause to worry because not only are most ABC terminal conducive for resting, the company also provides City Transit Inns in Abuja.

ABC Transport Online Booking

Do you know that you can download ABC motors transport app on your mobile phone and book right away? The multinational transport company has not limited itself to physical booking but has done so well in its online presence. Just from your phone, you can use their app or website to check their services and book for any one of your choice. If you are in Abuja and interested in lodging at the Transit inn, you can also see that via the online portal.

Step 1. Visit the company’s website

Step 2. On the ‘Check Availability’ box, select your desired route.

Step 3. Choose either the ‘One-way trip’ or ‘Round Trip’ (To and Fro) options.

Step 4. Select your intended date of departure and click the ‘Search’ icon.

Step 5. Select your preferred bus type and service by clicking on the ‘Book’ icon.

Step 6. If buses are available, you will be asked to select from the options. Select your preferred seat and click the ‘Continue’ icon.

Step 7. Fill in your personal details on the next page that appears on your screen, then proceed to make your payments using any of the gateway options provided, then click on the ‘Proceed to Payment’ icon.

Step 8. Automatically, you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you will be asked to input your debit/credit card details. Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page where you can print out your ticket details.

ABC Transport Prices List

The following are the average prices of the various ABC bus routes.

ABC Transport price list at Lagos terminals

ABC Transport from Lagos terminals price list
Lagos to Abuja ₦ 8,000
Lagos to Port Harcourt ₦ 6,950
Lagos to Umuahia ₦ 6,900
Lagos to Aba ₦ 6,900
Lagos to Onitsha ₦ 6,900
Lagos to Kaduna ₦ 8,500
Lagos to Mbaise ₦ 6,900
Lagos to Jos ₦ 8,300
Lagos to Awka ₦ 6,150
Lagos to Enugu ₦ 6,150
Lagos to Uyo ₦ 7,500
Lagos to Aba ₦ 6,800
Lagos to Warri ₦ 5,250
Lagos (Ajah) to Abuja ₦ 8,000
Lagos (Ajah) to Port Harcourt ₦ 7,500
Lagos (Ajah) to Warri ₦ 5,250
Lagos (Ajah) to Owerri ₦ 6,800
Lagos Ajah to Onitsha ₦ 5,800
Lagos (Ajah) to Aba ₦ 6,800
Lagos (Ajah) to Calabar ₦ 8,000
Lagos (Ajah) to Uyo ₦ 7,000
Lagos (Ajah) to Umuahia ₦ 7,000
Lagos to Ghana (Accra) ₦ 13,950
Lagos to Lome ₦ 13,750
Lagos to Cotonou ₦ 10,250

Ikorodu terminal prices

ABC Transport from Ikorodu terminals price list
Ikorodu to Abuja: ₦ 6,600
Ikorodu to Enugu ₦ 5,000
Ikorodu to Awka ₦ 5,000
Ikorodu to Onitsha ₦ 5,000
Ikorodu to Mbaise ₦ 5,100
Ikorodu to Orlu ₦ 5,100
Ikorodu to Port Harcourt ₦ 5,100
Ikorodu to Benin ₦ 3,000
Ikorodu to Warri ₦ 3,500
Ikorodu to Calabar ₦ 6,600
Ikorodu to Uyo ₦ 6,000
Ikorodu to Umuahia ₦ 5,100
Ikorodu to Owerri ₦ 5,100
Ikorodu to Aba ₦ 5,100

ABC Transport price list at Abuja terminals

FCT terminal prices

ABC Transport from FCT terminal price list
FCT to Lagos (Amuwo) ₦ 8,000
FCT to Aba ₦ 8,000
FCT to Lagos ₦ 8,000
FCT to Lagos (Ajah Terminal) ₦ 8,500
FCT to Calabar ₦ 8,000
FCT to Enugu ₦ 7,000
FCT to Awka ₦ 7,000
FCT to Ibadan ₦ 7,500
FCT to Owerri ₦ 7,950
FCT to Onitsha ₦ 7,950
FCT to Umuahia ₦ 8,000
FCT to Aba ₦ 8,000
FCT to Benin ₦ 6,050

Gwagwalada terminal prices

ABC Transport from Gwagwalada terminal price list
Gwagwalada to Aba ₦ 7,000
Gwagwalada to Lagos ₦ 7,000
Gwagwalada to Calabar ₦ 7,000
Gwagwalada to Awka ₦ 5,800
Gwagwalada to Owerri ₦ 7,350
Gwagwalada to Onitsha ₦ 7,350
Gwagwalada to Ibadan ₦ 6,500
Gwagwalada to Enugu ₦ 5,800
Gwagwalada to Umuahia ₦ 7,000
Gwagwalada to Aba ₦ 7,000
Gwagwalada to Port Harcourt ₦ 7,200
Gwagwalada to Lagos (Ajah) ₦ 7,600

ABC Transport price list at Enugu terminal

ABC Transport from Enugu terminal price list
Enugu to Aba ₦ 1,400
Enugu to Abuja ₦ 7,000
Enugu to Calabar ₦ 3,000
Enugu to Lagos ₦ 6,500
Enugu to Owerri ₦ 1,600
Enugu to Port Harcourt ₦ 2,750
Enugu to Umuahia ₦ 1,600
Enugu to Uyo ₦ 2,000

ABC Transport price list at Port Harcourt terminal

ABC Transport from Port Harcourt terminal price list
Port Harcourt to Abuja ₦ 8,000
Port Harcourt to Awka ₦ 2,050
Port Harcourt to Calabar ₦ 2,850
Port Harcourt to Uyo ₦ 1,900
Port Harcourt to Enugu ₦ 2,750
Port Harcourt to Lagos ₦ 6,500
Port Harcourt to Onitsha ₦ 2,000
Port Harcourt to Owerri ₦ 1,050

ABC Transport price list at Ibadan terminal

ABC Transport from Ibadan terminal price list
Ibadan to Abuja ₦ 7,000
Ibadan to Kaduna ₦ 6,500

Please note that the prices may change frequently.

ABC Transport Terminals and Bus Parks

ABIA 2, Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba. 0702 911 6651, 0822 911 6651, 0814 255 2421 [email protected]
UMUAHIA 8, Mission Hill Umuahia 0703 857 1144, 0803 544 8821 [email protected]
FCT 36, Ekukinam Street, Utako District (off Berger Junction), Abuja 095242020, 092634148, 0814 255 2437 [email protected]
GWAGWALADA Jibeco Nigeria Limited, Gwagwalada, Abuja FCT 0703 089 0239 [email protected]
KATAMPE CARGO CENTER Plot 1850 Cadestral Zone B07, Near Mabushi Modern Market, Abuja 0814 255 2447 [email protected]
UYO I Long Distance Bus Terminal, Park Road, Itam, Uyo 0806 706 0526 [email protected]
UYO II 60 Ikot Ekpene Road, opposite MTN Office, Uyo 0703 889 4946 [email protected]
AWKA Aroma Junction by Ozoagu Bus Stop, Awka 0806 4834870, 0806 469 9718 [email protected]
ONITSHA Onitsha-Asaba Expressway, Opposite Ogbaru Main Market, after Upper Iweka Flyover, Onitsha. 046482784, 0703 857 0482 [email protected]
COTONOU Emperor Tour Sarl, Stade de L’amite Kouhounou, Cotonou +22897035013, 93699554, 97387842 [email protected]

ABC CARGO Logistics

ABC Trasport company provides cargo express services through its subsidiary business chain, ABC Cargo Express which provides shipment services maintained by experienced personnel, coupled with customer service and oriented support. The company also offers Courier and Logistics supports to clients and other companies.

The following are the rates and tariffs grouped into categories based on location. Please bear in mind that the exact tariffs will be furnished on a request.

Charged per kg Charged per kg Charged per kg
Kaduna Abuja Ibadan
Uyo Port Harcourt Benin
Jos Owerri Warri
Calabar Aba
Akwanga Enugu


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