Air Italy Bookings | Flight Status, Reviews, Ticket Prices & More

Air Italy is a privately owned Italian airline, headquartered in Olbia. The airline is the second largest airline in Italy, following Alitalia, and the 38th largest airline in Europe. Air Italy is a subsidiary of AQA Holding, owned by Alisarda and Qatar Airways.

Air Italy Bookings Flight Status, Reviews, Ticket Prices & More

Air Italy Bookings Flight Status, Reviews, Ticket Prices & More

Air Italy Bokings

Despite being a privately owned airline, Air Italy is the second largest airline in Italy after the flag-carrier Alitalia. It is the 38th largest airline in Europe and its headquarters are in Olbia. This airline is partly owned by Alisarda and Qatar Airways and has its hub at Milan-Malpensa Airport.

Air Italy flights

Whether you fly business class or economy class, passengers can enjoy world-class meals, as well as exceptional in-flight entertainment. If you have special requests for your meals (for example, if you have allergies to certain ingredients, are vegetarian or can’t eat certain types of meat for religious reasons), make sure you inform the airline at least 48 hours in advance. The professional team of cabin crew will ensure your comfort during your flight.

If you are flying in economy class, you can expect features like spacious seating and a USB port to enable you to charge your devices. Long-haul flights offer wifi for an added fee. You will also have access to music, as well as an in-flight magazine (“Atmosphere”) to keep you busy during your flight.

So what makes business class different from economy class? For starters, you will be given a welcome drink when you board, as well as a package with all the necessities that will make you feel like you never left home in the first place. Seats recline to 180° for your comfort.

Air Italy destinations

Air Italy is one of Italy’s leading airlines, flying to more than 25 destinations within Italy and abroad. The number of different countries Air Italy flies to is 13 and growing. Book Air Italy flights if you want to fly to any one of the following destinations in luxury:

  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • India
  • Ghana
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Thailand
  • Senegal

You can find more flights and the flight schedule on the Air Italy web page.

Air Italy flight status

Air travel today doesn’t have to be stress-inducing. On the contrary, making use of online facilities can make your life simpler and easier and you can access the Air Italy website on your phone too.

So what are some of the online features that can improve your travel experience? Well, you can book tickets online for starters. You can do this on the Air Italy website, or on this website. Using our website is much quicker though, as our user-friendly flight booking tool enables you to compare flights from a number of airlines with the touch of a button. All you have to do is type the relevant information in the space provided:

The number of passengers
Points of arrival and departure
Cabin preference
Dates of travel

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You can also keep an eye on your flight status on the web page, as well as check in online for selected destinations. The main advantage of checking in online is that you will be able to select your preferred seat before most other passengers check in, as well as reduce the amount of time you will have to spend at the check-in counter. Note that if you would rather like to check-in at the airport, you will only be able to check in two hours prior to the departure of your flight. If you are late for check-in, you will miss your flight and will not receive a refund.

Landing at Milano-Malpensa Airport

Although there is a standard list of banned items that you cannot include in your hand luggage and checked luggage, the specific dimensions and weight of the bags you are allowed to take on board and check-in depends on the airline you are flying with.

There is a shuttle service within the airport that operates every 7 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes between 11:30pm and 06:00am, that can take you from terminal one to terminal two. There are a number of options when it comes to finding transport that can take you from the airport to the city centre, including train, coach and taxi. Car hire facilities are also available at the airport so that you can do the 45km drive to the city centre in your own time.

Milano-Malpensa Airport has special needs facilities if you need to transport your pets, if you have children travelling with you or if you need wheelchair assistance.

Visiting Milan

In terms of population density, Milan is the second most populous city in Italy after Rome and it remains one of the most visited cities in Italy. It’s a treasure trove of cultural curiosities, fashion fiestas and economic extravagance, and justifiably captures the hearts of many a traveller.

If you want to avoid extreme temperatures and tourist bonanza (and the resultant price hikes), travel to Italy either in April, May, September or October.

Getting around in Milan is easy as it has a functional and efficient public transport system that can get you from point A to point B in no time. You can make use of the buses, trams and/or subway by buying a daily, weekly or monthly pass for a reasonable price. There is, of course, the option of hiring a car if you want to visit less central places, or if you simply want more flexibility in terms of schedule and itinerary.

Air Italy special assistance

If you have special needs, you can request assistance when you make your booking. Assistance can be given to unaccompanied minors, people with special needs who may require a wheelchair, blind people, the elderly and pregnant women. Air Italy also has facilities to transport your animals safely if you make prior arrangements.

Air Italy fleet

As of June 2019, the Air Italy fleet consists of 5 Airbus A330-200s, 3 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, 4 Boeing 737-800s and a single Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The airline also has an additional 17 737 MAX 8s on order from Boeing with a view to replace the older 700 and 800 series aircraft. 

Air Italy Codesharing agreements

As of the beginning of 2019, Air Italia enjoys codeshare agreements with British Airways, Qatar Airways, LATAM Airways, Iberia, Blue Air, S7 Airlines and Air Moldova. The airline also enjoys a Special Prorate Agreement with Aegean Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Air Italy Baggage allowance

Air Italy’s baggage allowance follows a strict, tiered structure, so it is important to familiarise yourself with the relevant luggage allocations ahead of your flight:

  • Economy Light: No luggage is included with Economy Light tickets. Luggage allocations can be purchased, for EUR 25 for the first additional piece of checked luggage, with additional pieces of luggage costing EUR65 each. One piece of infant baggage is included free of charge, with a maximum weight limit of 10kg.
  • Economy Classic: A single piece of checked luggage is allowed for, with a maximum weight limit of 23kg. For additional pieces of luggage, an additional fee of EUR65 per piece of luggage is applicable.
  • Economy Premium: Premium economy passengers are entitled to carry 2 pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 23kg per piece. Additional pieces of luggage, beyond this allocation, will incur a charge of EUR65 per piece.

In all cases, the standard sizing limitations are that the total height + width + length may not exceed 158cm, inclusive of the wheels, pockets and straps.

Air Italy contact details in Nigeria

Air Italy Lagos Office

Tel: +234 0144 85370.

Lagos address: 25 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Air Italy International contact details:

Tel: +39 0789 52682

Email: [email protected]

 Official website: – NOT, or

 Book your own Air Italy flights online

Use the above flight booking engine to book your own Air Italy flights or to compare international flight prices from Nigeria or further afield. Simply fill in your preferred destination and preferred flight dates, then hit search to get started. You can book 24/7, 365, including on weekends and at night!

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