AKTC Transport Online Booking, Prices List, Terminals & Parks

AKTC Transport is one of the leading state owned transport companies. If you are going to travel with AKTC transport, make sure to look through our AKTC price list 2019 and terminals in Nigeria! Akwa Ibom Transport Company AKTC was a state owned transport company until it was leased out to a private firm in 2005.

Nsik Motor took over control of AKTC after emerging as preferred company after a very competitive bidding process. Nsik Motors the operators of AKTC is a transport management company that was incorporated in 2003 by its Director Mr. Nsikak Johnny. The company before taking over control of AKTC was the sole operator of the company’s Uyo to Port Harcourt route, an arrangement which was so successful that it laid the solid foundation for an easy win at the lease Bid process of 2005.

Aktc Transport Online Booking, Prices List, Terminals & Parks
Aktc Transport Online Booking, Prices List, Terminals & Parks

AKTC Transport Terminal

The company runs a fleet of buses that are sound and road worthy. AKTC buses are mostly JinBei Buses manufactured by Chinese automaker Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Company. Nsik Motors happens to be a sole distributor of the company’s buses and spare parts in Nigeria. Their buses are generally in good state and are fitted with electronic speed limiters especially for the buses plying Lagos, Oyo, Abuja and Northern routes. The company’s drivers are professional and safety conscious and the company’s buses have very low acccident rate.

AKTC offers a number of transport related services ranging from interstate bus services to courier and logistics services.

The company’s Logistics subsidiary, AKTC Logistics delivers luggage and loads weighing more than 10 kg to all cities within the company’s travel route.

AKTC Transport Corpers Package

The company also offers Direct to NYSC Camp services for prospective corp members at an affordable rate for corpers travelling from the south to northern Nigeria. This helps reduce the stress and sense of uncertainty experienced by corpers when trying to locate their camp. The prices are hugely subsidized for corpers and safety is upheld to the highest degree during the trip.

AKTC Transport Price List

AKTC initially plied just major routes, but in recent times has extended it reach and have added new routes to its portfolio. The transport company generally operate one terminal per city with departure time from 6.00 am-6.45 am. The table shows AKTC Transport fares and prices for each route:

AKTC Transport price list at Uyo terminal

Departure location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Uyo Owerri AC N1,600
Uyo Owerri Non AC N1,300
Uyo Umuahia Non AC N1350
Uyo Bayelsa AC N2500
Uyo Bayelsa Non AC N2000
Uyo Aba Small Bus N950
Uyo Aba Long Bus N900
Uyo Abakaliki Non AC N3000
Uyo Abuja Non AC N6000
Uyo Abuja AC N7500
Uyo Akure Non AC N4750
Uyo Akure AC N5050
Uyo Ariaria AC N950
Uyo Asaba Non AC N1700
Uyo Awka Non AC N1850
Uyo Awka AC N2000
Uyo Benin AC N3800
Uyo Benin Non AC N3000
Uyo Calabar AC N1400
Uyo Calabar Non AC N1000
Uyo Warri AC N4800
Uyo Warri Non AC N4000
Uyo Enugu AC N3800
Uyo Enugu Non AC N3000
Uyo Ibadan AC N7500
Uyo Ibadan Non AC N6000
Uyo Jos AC N8200
Uyo Jos Non AC N6700
Uyo Lagos AC N7500
Uyo Lagos Non AC N6000
Uyo Onitsha AC N3050
Uyo Onitsha Non AC N2750
Uyo Kaduna AC N8200
Uyo Kaduna Non AC N6700
Uyo Portharcourt AC N2100
Uyo Portharcourt Non AC N1700
Uyo Ikom Non AC N2000

AKTC Transport price list at Lagos terminal

Departure Location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Lagos Eket AC 7500
Lagos Eket Non AC 6000
Lagos Calabar AC 8500
Lagos Uyo AC 7500
Lagos Oron AC 7500
Lagos Ikot Ekpene AC 7500
Lagos Ikot Ekpene Non AC 6000


AKTC Transport price list at Abuja terminal

Departure Location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Abuja Eket/Oron AC 7500
Abuja Calabar AC 8500
Abuja Uyo AC 7500
Abuja Uyo non AC 6000
Abuja Ikot Ekpene non AC 6000

AKTC Transport price list at Calabar terminal

Departure Location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Calabar Warri AC 6500
Calabar Warri Non AC 5500
Calabar Benin AC 6800
Calabar Benin Non AC 6000
Calabar Bayelsa AC 5000
Calabar Bayelsa Non AC 4000
Calabar Portharcourt AC 3200
Calabar Porthacourt Non AC 2600
Calabar Uyo AC 1700
Calabar Uyo Non AC 1300
Calabar Ibadan AC 13000
Calabar Ibadan Non AC 12000
Calabar Lagos AC 13000
Calabar Lagos Non AC 12000
Calabar Ikot Ekpene Non AC 1100
Calabar Ikom Non AC 1500
Calabar Jos AC 10700
Calabar Abuja AC 13000
Calabar Abuja Non AC 12000
Calabar Aba Non AC 1550


AKTC Transport price list at Ikot Ekpene terminal

Departure Location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Ikot Ekpene Lagos/Ibadan Non AC 6000
Ikot Ekpene Lagos/Ibadan AC 12000
Ikot Ekpene Abuja Non AC 6000
Ikot Ekpene Enugu Non AC 3500
Ikot Ekpene Kaduna/Jos Non AC 8700


AKTC Transport price list at other terminals

Departure Location Destination Bus Convenience Fare
Jos Uyo Non AC 9700
Warri Calabar AC 5500
Jos Calabar AC 6700
Kaduna Calabar 10700
Kaduna Uyo 6700
Oron Lagos AC 7500
Oron Lagos Non AC 6000
Warri Calabar Non AC 4550
Warri Uyo AC 4500
Bayelsa Uyo AC 4000
Bayelsa Uyo Non AC 3000
Portharcourt Calabar AC 3000
Portharcourt Calabar Non AC 2500
Bayelsa Calabar AC 5000
Bayelsa Calabar Non AC 4000
Benin Calabar AC 5000
Benin Calabar Non AC 4500
Benin Uyo AC 4000
Benin Uyo Non AC 3500
Eket Benin Non AC 3400
Eket Enugu Non AC 3500
Eket/Oron Lagos/Ibadan AC 7500
Eket/Oron Lagos/Ibadan Non AC 6000
Eket/Oron Abuja AC 7500
Eket/Oron Abuja Non AC 6000
Enugu Calabar Non AC 4500
Enugu Uyo AC 4300
Enugu Uyo Non AC 3500
Ikom Calabar Non AC 1300
Ibadan Calabar AC 8500
Ibadan Uyo Non AC 6000

AKTC Transport Online Booking

AKTC runs a manual booking system on like other transport companies that are moving online and offering electronic and online booking. However, the company offers limited electronic payment specifically POS payment using your ATM card. You can easily make cash bookings over the counter at AKTC terminals just before your trip. The company also allows advanced booking for selected routes.

AKTC Transport Terminals

AKTC has several terminals spread across the country. With terminals heavily populated in the southern part of the country. Check the table below for more details on terminals and their contact address.

AKTC terminals accross Nigeria

Terminal Location Contact Address Mobile Phone Contact
Owerri 2/3 Egbu road (chisco park), Owerri
Asaba Koka junction, by Warri express road, Asaba, Delta state 09060098142
Ikom 5 Ogoja road, Four corner, Ikom, Cross River State
Awka Unizik Junction by Sango Shopping Complex, Awka
Abakiliki 29 Afikpo Road, Abakiliki
Umuahia 1 Ikot Ekpene road, Umuahia
Onitsha 2 Onitsha-Owerri road by New Tarzan, Upper Iweka road, Onitsha, Anambra State
Aba 3 Ikot Ekpene road(Abia Line Park), Aba, Abia State
Benin 9 New Lagos road, Benin City, Edo State 07016842176
Ibadan 76 Samonda, U.I. road, Ibadan, Oyo State 0701684218
Jos Riders Motor Park, 16/18 Murtala Mohammed way, Jos, Plateau State
Bayelsa 264 Chief Melford Okilo Road, near Okaka Primary School, Ekiki, Yenagoa 08127686994
Eleme 323 P/Harcourt-Aba Expressway, Eleme junction, Port-Harcourt, River State
Warri 138 Efurun/Sapele road, by airport junction, Warri 09025504512
Waterlines 3 Olusegun Obasanjo road, Port Harcourt, River State 07016842187
Kaduna 23/25 Amfallah house, Gwari avenue, barmawa, Kaduna, Kaduna state. 08083311822,08091008987
Nyanya Shop 16, Powa shopping complex, Nyanya, Abuja. 07016842161
Jabi Plot 925/926, ishaya audu close, Jabi, Abuja 07016842160 Manager: David (08091202374)
Enugu 49 Okpara avenue, Enugu 07016842178
Ajah Km 12 Lekki-Epe expressway, Ikota, Ajah, Lagos state 07016842184
Okota 119 Okota road, adjacent UBA, beside macrich gas plant. 08127686406
Maza-Maza 170 Old Ojo road by Baruwa bus stop, Agboju, Lagos State 09020606779
Calabar 34 Etagbor road, Calabar, Cross-River State Office 07016842174, Manager: Uduak Linus (08164500554)
Ojuelegba 107 Ojuelegba road, Ojuelegba, Lagos State. 07016842182 Manager: Ettebong Etim (08187602561)
Ikot Ekpene 18 Adadiaha road, Ikot Ekpene Akwa Ibom State 07016842170
Oron 54 Oron road, Oron, Akwa Ibom State 07016842172
Eket 50 RCC road, Eket 07016842171
Uyo Itam industrial layout, Uyo 08126427421

About AKTC Transport Owner/Director

Mr. Nsikak Johnny is the founder and Director of Nsik Motors Nigeria Limited. Nsik Motors currently hold the sole lease right to operate AKTC PLC across the country. Nsikak Johnny started off from a low and steadfastly worked his way to the top. His humble beginning as an Okada rider spurned off to the mega transport brand we now today.

While operating his Okada business, Nsikak discovered a strong need for other transport services especially bus city shuttle. Following through on this, Mr. Nsikak purchase a fairly used bus and began operating within Port Harcourt city.

Building on the momentum and experience of operating the city shuttle business, Nsikak was a real need to enter the interstate transport sector. This he did some years later when he purchase one more fairly used bus and began plying the Port Harcourt – Uyo route. The story beyond this point is that of an astute business man, that built his business to what it is today.

AKTC Transport contacts


  • Customer Care  –  08127737631
  • Transport Manager  –  08126427421
  • Control Manager  –  07016842202
  • Chief Mechanic  –  08027856739
  • Courier  –  07016842168
  • Abuja Bus Sales/ AKTC Guest House  –  07016842196
  • Lagos Bus Sales  –  07016842197
  • P/Harcourt Bus Sales  –  07016842198
  • Uyo Bus Sales –   09020606772
  • Ikot-Ekpene Transport  –  07016842170
  • Eket Transport  –  07016842171
  • Courier Onitsha  –  07016842173
  • Calabar Transport  –  07016842174
  • Oron Transport  –  07016842172
  • Benin Transport  –  07016842176
  • Enugu Transport  –  07016842178
  • Benin Courier  –  07016842177
  • Courier Calabar  –  07016842175
  • Courier PH  –  07016842191
  • Courier Enugu  –  07016842179
  • Kaduna Transport  –  07016842180
  • Kaduna Courier  –  07016842181
  • Ojuelegba Transport  –  07087527203
  • Ojuelegba Courier  –  07016842183
  • Ajah Transport  –  07016842184
  • Agboju Transport  –  09020606779
  • Ibadan Transport  –  07016842185
  • Jos Transport  –  07016842186
  • Waterlines Transport  –  07016842187
  • Eleme (Oil Mill) Transport  –  07016842188

Email: http://nsikmotors.com/contact/

Website: http://nsikmotors.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aktclimited/

AKTC has maintained its reputation as a reliable transport company in Nigeria. We at Naijauto don’t have any issue recommending this service to our readers, at least their buses are in good shape and their drivers are experienced people. However, if you looking for some plush and super executive bus service, then AKTC might not offer that. Companies like ABC and GIGM are far ahead in that area

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