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Egypt Air has come a long way in its 83 years of commercial service. Among the countless airlines found today, EgyptAir is still able to offer relatively cheap flights to many destinations with dependable flight schedules, and a good value for money flight experience.

To better it’s already fantastic aviation name, improve its flight connections and on-board flight conditions for travellers, EgyptAir joined Star Alliance in 2008, the largest airline network in the world.

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Popular flight routes with Egyptair are from Lagos to New York, Lagos to London, Abuja to Dubai, Abuja to New York and from Lagos to Amsterdam. Want to book cheap Egypt Air flights online? gives you the power – be your own travel agent and save! Our flight booking system scans hundreds of airline databases for the cheapest airfares – all within seconds.

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IATA code: MS
Hub airport: Cairo International Airport
Alliance: Star Alliance
Loyalty program: EgyptAir Plus
Inflight magazine: Horus
Egypt Air Nigeria Cheap Flights Online Booking Easily Now

Egypt Air Nigeria Cheap Flights Online Booking Easily Now

Egypt Air Booking online

Travelling doesn’t begin when you step onto the aircraft. The EgyptAir website has a number of features that can make your journey fast, convenient and hassle-free from the moment you book your flight to when you check-in.

Passengers can make use of services such as the online booking tool which enables you to book your flights easily. If you have any questions or concerns, use the EgyptAir customer service that is available online. There are also EgyptAir offices located in many countries in Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe and Australasia. You can find the specific addresses and the contact details of each office by looking on the EgyptAir website.

Through these services, you can change reservations, choose seats and make special requests. You can also report browser or website problems. Find your EgyptAir flight status by navigating to ‘flight status’ at the bottom of the screen on the EgyptAir website. Enter the date, airline and flight number. Passengers can also download the EgyptAir mobile app to make these processes easier.
You can book your EgyptAir flight online by visiting the EgyptAir website.

You can also use the EgyptAir flight booking tool on this website. Find it at the top of the EgyptAir airline page. It’s as easy as selecting the point of departure, arrival, travel dates and number of passengers.

Egypt Air Check-in

Another feature that is enjoyed by EgyptAir passengers worldwide is the EgyptAir online check-in system. You can avoid going to the check-in counter at the airport by using your mobile phone or internet browser. If you are eligible, you may be able to print your boarding pass at home too. Note that if you have a bag, you will still have to drop off your luggage at the baggage counter. In a rush? Print the tag for your bag at home. If you are particular about where you sit on the aircraft, checking in online allows you to choose your seats.

EgyptAir offers its clients the following check-in options:

Airport check-in

Passengers are required to arrive 3 hours before departure and present their passport & e-ticket at the EgyptAir check-in desk. This is available 48 hours to 90 minutes prior to departure.

Online check-in

This can be done by visiting EgyptAir online check-in and following the check-in steps to get a boarding pass. This is available 24 hours to 90 minutes prior to departure.

Mobile check-in

Checking in on your mobile device is available but currently limited to departures from Cairo Airport to domestic flights only. Visit their mobile website from any mobile device and follow the instructions. You will receive your e-boarding pass via email or mobile phone.

Special conditions:

If you are travelling to New York, Kuwait, Damam or Riyadh, check the special requirements for online check-in. Also for some airports, online check-in is not available (for details visit EgyptAir’s website and go to Web Check-in page).

EgyptAir routes

You can view all the EgyptAir routes online by clicking on the route map on the airline website. You can find cheap flights to more than 75 destinations in Egypt, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. EgyptAir can provide you with a world-class travel experience. It can take you to major cities like London and Dubai as well as more remote areas. African countries are taking the stage as the destination-of-choice for many people around the world.

Egypt Air Kano

Kano is the second biggest city in Nigeria, after Lagos. It is situated in the north-western region of the country. The international airport in this city is Aminu Kano International Airport, named after a politician who was active in the 20th century.

Egypt Air offers a number of flights to and from Kano to destinations within Nigeria and across the globe.

Egypt air Lagos

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Africa and is still growing. It draws visitors from far and wide. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan population and a booming economy. For this reason, EgyptAir flies from Lagos to a number of countries in Africa and abroad.

North and South America are no exception. Servicing multiple airports on both continents, EgyptAir prides itself on providing five-star service to those travelling the world. One of the more popular destinations west of the Atlantic is New York.

Flying EgyptAir Lagos to New York means a 40-hour journey at the most, with one or two stop-overs. It lands at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Heading from Lagos to the UK? When you book your ticket with EgyptAir (Lagos to London) you can expect competitive prices. Flight duration ranges from 18 hours to 32 hours. Price varies according to which class you choose to travel.

Flights to European countries from Lagos can also be lengthy, but with exceptional in-flight service, you will feel right at home.

Within the continent of Africa, EgyptAir provides flights to and from numerous countries such as Nairobi, Dakar, South Africa and Zimbabwe. With Cairo being the headquarters of EgyptAir, Lagos to Cairo flights are competitively priced. Direct flights can take as little as 5 hours 30 minutes, while indirect flights can take up to 33 hours (with one stop-over).

EgyptAir Abuja

In addition to Lagos and Kano, EgyptAir also operates from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Abuja is located in the centre of the country and is home to the Nigerian president.

Visit the Egypt Air office in Abuja to book your flights, or you can contact the friendly staff telephonically or by email. Alternatively, you can book flights to this exciting city online, using the fight booking tool at the top of this page.

Egypt Air Destinations

Egypt Air (, sometimes erroneously spelled Egypt Air, is Egypt’s flag carrier airline. Headquartered at Cairo International Airport, Egypt Air operates scheduled cargo and passenger flights to over 75 destinations across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Middle East and Europe.

EgyptAir holds the distinction for being the second largest African airline and has a comprehensive route network, offering flights to over 70 destinations worldwide.

Here are some of EgyptAir’s most popular routes:

  • Cairo
  • Bangkok
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Amsterdam
  • Dar es Salaam
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Addis Ababa
  • Johannesburg

Egypt Air History

Established in 1971 in a rebranded and renamed format, Egypt Air inherited the staff, infrastructure, liabilities and assets of United Arab Airlines. The airline’s corporate identity reflects Egypt’s cultural heritage; the logo features Horus, a sky deity featuring prominently in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Egypt Air Ownership and structure

The airline is a state-owned entity operating as if were fully privately owned, thanks to custom legislation that gives its management the ability to operate without government interference. The airline is self-financing, and unlike the likes of South Africa’s flag carrier, South African Airways, does not enjoy any financial backing by the Egyptian government.

Egypt Air underwent a major restructuring in 2002, when it evolved from being a governmental organisation to a holding company with subsidiaries; Egypt Air Express and Sinai Air, among others. The airline also holds a majority stake in Air Cairo (60%), and a minority stake in the Smart Aviation Company (20%).

This development coincided with the establishment of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation and the launch of an ambitious government strategy to upgrade and modernise its aviation infrastructure and flag carrier. Egypt Air has been a member of the international Star Alliance since 2008, and also became the first African airline to obtain IOSA safety certification in 2004.

Egypt Air Fleet

Today, in 2016, the Egypt Air fleet comprises over 80 aircraft (subsidiary fleet included); most notably the Airbus A320 and A330, Boeing 737 and 777 ranges. Subsidiary airline Egypt Air Express boasts a fleet of 12 Embraer E-170s.

Following the Egyptian revolution – the so-called Arab Spring, which took place in 2011 – the airline has been focusing on its domestic operations with a view to regain profitability. The airline’s fleet has 79 aircraft that travel to 78 destinations in 53 nations within Asia, Europe, Middle East, America and Africa. It offers passengers one of the widest networks which includes global non-stop flights.

Egypt Air Baggage Allowance

For international flights:

  • Economy Class – Maximum of 2 pieces checked baggage, not exceeding 23kg each
  • Business Class – Maximum of 2 pieces checked baggage, not exceeding 32kg each
  • First Class – Maximum of 2 pieces checked baggage, not exceeding 32kg each

For hand luggage on Egypt Air, Economy Class passengers are permitted 1 piece not exceeding 8kg in total. Business Class passengers are allowed to carry on board 2 pieces, not exceeding 8kg.

For domestic flights:

  • Economy Class – 1 piece checked baggage, not exceeding 23kg each
  • Business Class –1 piece checked baggage, not exceeding 32kg each
  • First Class – 1 piece checked baggage, not exceeding 32kg each

Egypt Air Codeshare Agreements

Egypt Air has codesharing agreements in place with a range of other Star Alliance members, including Aegean Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, South African Airways, Swiss International Air Lines as well as Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Air India.

EgyptAir has code-share agreements with at least 20 other airlines around the world, such as:

  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Thai Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

Book Egypt Air Flights

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International Airlines flying to and from Egypt

A range of international airlines fly to and from Cairo. Find out more about international airlines and the latest flight specials on airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, SWISS, British Airways, Air France and more.

Egypt Air Online Booking Procedure

Never booked flights online before? No problem: Simply follow the 5 simple steps below to book your flights online
within minutes:

Step 1: Type in your departure and destination,as well as your preferred travel dates and the number of travellers Then click search to scan hundreds of available flights matching your needs to find the cheapest flights..
Step 2: Select the flights that best match your requirements and budget.
Step 3: Submit your contact details and those of the person travelling.
Step 4: Select your preferred payment mechanism.
Step 5: Submit your payment details, confirm your flight details and press Book Flight to complete your flight reservation. And that is that!
NB: Your flight is only confirmed once payment has been processed, making credit card payment one of the most convenient options in terms of speed of processing.

Multi-city and mobile flight booking functionalities

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Whether you’re flying internationally from Cairo, travelling domestically to cities such as Alexandra or Giza, or flying to African, Asian or European destinations, Egyptian Airlines is your quickest route to the cheapest flights. The system enables you to instantly compare flights – by price, by shortest flight, and by airline.

Egypt Air Classes & On Board

Cabin Classes

EgyptAir offers its customers the option of economy, business and first class travel on international and certain domestic routes.

In-Flight Services

OnAir Mobile Wi-Fi is available on board the A330-300. You may also send and receive SMS messages.

Entertainment during your flight takes the form of a vast variety of movies, documentaries and TV shows for you to enjoy.

Egypt Airline Frequent Flyer Miles

Join the EgyptAir Plus frequent flyer programme and earn miles towards award tickets, excess baggage allowances and flight upgrades. Members of the EgyptAir airlines free frequent flyer mileage programme can also use their award points on discounts with Avis car rentals. Additional awards are offered throughout the year, such as discount cruise tickets and savings at participating restaurants.

EgyptAir Awards

EgyptAir won the 2015 IATA Fast Travel “Green” designation for superior electronic services including the availability of online passenger check-in, smartphone check-in and self- service check-in kiosks. Fly EgyptAir and travel with the airline that has won many awards including the World Travel Awards for Africa’s Leading Airline (Business Class).

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Egypt Air Nigeria Contact

EgyptAir Lagos Reservation Office Address:
22 idowu Taylor St., UBA Plc House, Victoria island – Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

EgyptAir Reservation office telephone contact numbers:
+ 234 (1) 2712307
Fax: +234 (1) 2624 407

Working hours


Official website:

EgyptAir Call center:

For any complaints, submit an electronic request to

[email protected]

090070000 (within Egypt)

1717 (within Egypt)

002( 02) 26964229 (worldwide)

For any complaints kindly send an email to [email protected] or ask for survey on board
From Sunday To Thursday (8:30 Am till 5:00 Pm)

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