Emirates Airlines Nigeria Review, Flight, Office, Check In

Emirates Airlines is one the world’s largest airline and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai.It is the largest airline in the Middle East, which operates over 3,300 flights per week from its hub at Dubai International Airport. Emirates Airlines Bookings

The airline flies to many destinations including Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, Amman, Baghdad, Bahrain, Basra, Beirut, Cairo, Dammam, Doha. Starting in August 2016, the airline will operate flights to Yangon in Myanmar and Hanoi, which is the second destination in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City.

Emirates Airlines Nigeria Review, Flight, Office, Check In
Emirates Airlines Nigeria Review, Flight, Office, Check In

Emirates Airlines History

Emirates Airlines was launched in 1985 with the backing of the Dubai Royal Family. The airline was to run independent of government subsidies. Maurice Flanagan (who was later knighted in 2000) was the first CEO of the airline.

The airline is accredited to have carried over 260 000 passengers in its first year, increasing to 1.6 million passengers per year by the early 1990s! A partnership with US Airways in 1993 enabled Emirates Airlines to introduce round-the-world services, steadily growing profits for the airline. The 2001 recession, followed by the bombing of the Colombo Airport and September 11 attacks triggered a financial downturn for Emirates. As a result of the cut in international airline flights to and around Dubai, Emirates Airlines soon began to profit again.

With expansion and growth at a rapid rate over the years, Emirates Airlines now places some of the largest orders for the Airbus A380 in the world.

Emirates Airlines Check-In Information

Online Check-In

The airline offers online check-in from this link. This service opens 48 hours before, closing 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.

Passengers are allowed to check in online and save time at the airport. Passengers may also choose their seats, 48 hours before their flight departs, at no extra cost.

Emirates online check-in is made available 48 hours before your flight departs.

Airport Check-In

Passengers who have not checked in for their flights online must do so at the Emirates check-in desk. The airport check-in time will vary depending on the departure airport.

Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport no later than 3 hours before departure. Passengers are also advised to go through security no later than 60 minutes before departure. Boarding gates close 90 minutes before departure times.

Emirates Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Emirates offers a frequent flyer program called Emirates Skywards to reward regular travellers with the airline.

Skywards is a four-tier frequent-flyer program. It is used by over 8.4 million customers.

The three primary tiers are Blue; Silver which requires 25,000 tier miles for entry; and Gold, which requires 50,000 tier miles for entry.

The Platinum tier requires 150,000 tier miles for entry.

In October 2013, the airline launched a frequent-flyer partnership with Virgin America. Members of both airlines’ frequent-flyer programs will earn and redeemSkywards miles.

Emirates has similar frequent-flyer partnerships with: Alaska Airlines, easyJet, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, JetBlue, Jetstar, Korean Air, Qantas, S7 Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, Virgin America.

Emirates Airlines Fleet

Emirates Airlines operates a fleet of 220 aircraft, consisting of the Airbus A330-200 (19), Airbus A340-300 (4), Airbus A340-500 (1), Airbus A380-800 (64), Boeing 777-200ER (6), Boeing 777-200LR (10), Boeing 777-300 (12) and Boeing 777-300ER (104).  The airline currently has a further 272 aircraft on order.

Emirates Airlines Onboard / In-flight Experience

The in-flight experience at Emirates Airlines is world class.  Depending on the aircraft being used and the class travelled in, passengers can enjoy a variety of comforts including

  • flat beds
  • shower facilities
  • gourmet cuisine
  • a variety of beverages
  • the latest movies and television shows
  • email or calls during the flight with your own mobile phone or via the onboard Wi-Fi service.

The “what’s on your flight” feature found on the Emirates Airlines website provides passengers with up-to date information on in-flight comforts and entertainment.

First Class Cabin Services

Fly first class and enjoy the luxury of your private suite, or take your taste buds on an adventure with the choice of fine dining on board.

  • Privacy doors at seat cubical, so you can have your own space.
  • Personal mini-bar.
  • Convert seat into a fully-flat bed.
  • Vanity table and mirror at seat cubical.
  • Amenity Kit.
  • Chauffeur-services.
  • Over 2500 entertainment channels available to choose from.
  • On-board lounges on Emirates A380.
  • Gourmet meals and beverages served in-flight.
  • Wi-fi services on-board.

Business Class Cabin Services

Arrive at your destination relaxed when you fly Business Class offering unrivalled leg room, regionally inspired dishes and fine wines to indulge your senses.

  • Seat that can convert into a flat bed.
  • Personal mini-bar on Emirates A380.
  • Global cuisine and beverages.
  • On-board lounges on Emirates A380.
  • Over 2500 entertainment channels available to choose from.
  • Wi-fi services on-board.
  • Chauffeur-services.
  • Amenity Kits.

Economy Class Cabin Services

Enjoy up to 2500 Channels of entertainment, savor gourmet meals and stay connected with friends and family in the air when you fly Economy Class.

  • Over 2500 entertainment channels available.
  • Wi-fi services on-board.
  • Gourmet meals and beverages offered.
  • Entertainment for the kids is available in-flight.

Emirates Airlines Partnerships and Codeshare Agreements

Emirates Airlines enjoys partnerships with the following airlines: Alaska Airlines, Easy Jet, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Blue, Jetstar, Korean Air, Qantas, S7 Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal and Virgin America.  Passengers who are part of the Skywards reward program can earn miles / points when travelling with these airlines.

Emirates Airlines Flight Routes and Destinations

While Emirates Airlines flies to over 160 destinations, the airline focuses on Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria.  Some of the major international destinations passengers can fly to include Italy, Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Belgium, Hungary, Iran, Norway, Denmark and Russia to name a few.

The Emirates flight schedule operates over 3000 flights in a week across its network of over 160 destinations, in over 70 countries, across 6 continents from their main hub in Dubai International Airport. Several destinations are added each year.

Top destinations for Emirates:

  • Los Angeles
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Bangkok
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Toronto
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Cairo
  • Colombo
  • Cape Town
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Chicago

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers travelling in First or Business class are permitted two items of carry-on baggage; one briefcase (max 18 x 14 x 8 inches) plus either a handbag (max 22 x 15 x 8 inches) or garment bag (max 8 inches thick when folded). The weight of any item must not exceed 7kg.

Economy class passengers are permitted one item of carry-on baggage, which must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm, and not exceed 7kg in weight.

Checked Baggage

The airline hasa baggage allowance calculator where passengers can enter their itinerary and class of travel to find out the exact allowance of their flight. This tool can be found here.

For Flights to all routes except Canada, North America and South America

Economy passengers with a ‘Special’ ticket are permitted 20kg of checked luggage. Economy passengers with a ‘Saver’ or ‘Flex’ ticket are allowed 30kg of checked luggage, and passengers with a ‘Flex Plus’ ticket are permitted 35kg of checked luggage.

Business class passengers are permitted 40kg of checked luggage.

First class passengers are permitted 50kg of checked luggage.

Passengers can check in as many pieces of baggage they like, but no individual item can exceed 32kg. In addition, the size of each bag must not exceed a combined dimension of 118 inches (length x width x height).

For Flights to/from Canada, North America and South America, and flights from Africa

Passengers in economy class can check in 2 x 23 kg bags, and passengers in first or business class can check in 2 x 32 kg bags.

Passengers departing from Africa are allowed two bags of up to 23kg each in Economy Class and two bags of up to 32kg each in First or Business Class. Should you exceed the free baggage allowance, normal excess charges apply.

First Class

  • Adult/Child: 2 pieces at 32kg each
  • Infant: 1 piece at 23kg

Business Class

  • Adult/Child: 2 pieces at 32kg each
  • Infant: 1 piece at 23kg

Economy Class

  • Adults/Child: 2 pieces at 23kg each
  • Infant: 1 piece at 23kg each

Hand Baggage Allowance

The amount of hand luggage may vary depending on which cabin class you are flying. First class and business class passengers are permitted 2 carry-on pieces of baggage; one briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag. Economy class passengers are permitted one piece of carry-on baggage.

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