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Flyaero also know as aero contractors is an over 60 years old airline company in Nigeria and very well respected in the West African aviation industry.


They provide services that includes helicopter, domestic wing passengers, air charter and other third-party airline operations.

Flyaero passengers are transported using the over 14 fleet of fixed wing aircrafts belonging to aero contractors.


This includes the Dash 8 (50 pax) and Boeing 737-400/500 (144 pax). They also provide passenger transport services especially to people who work offshore on oil and gas projects with their fleet of helicopters.


The well acclaimed carrier, Aero airlines is concerned with bringing world class aviation standards services to its teeming Nigerian customers.


They provide their customers on board with high quality services, best air fares and the best of customer relations.

FlyAero Flight Booking Online

Here is the under-listed steps to do your aero contractors flight booking online:

Flyaero Check In Procedures

You need to check in 2 hours before your flight. Check in 40 minutes just before your departure. You are required to provide an identification before you can be allowed abord the flight.

Flyaero Domestic Flights

Here is a list of domestic locations and flyaero domestic flights:

FlyAero International Flights

FlyAero airlines does not currently offer international flights. There are other airlines if you want to fly out of Nigeria.

FlyAero In-flight Experience

Flyaero is very concerned with the safety and utmost comfort of its passengers. The seats are convenient with enough leg room to make the flight comfortable.


There is inflight entertainment and WIFI with movies broadcasted on the screen. There are variety of fresh meals, appetizers and soft drinks.

FlyAero Fleet

FlyAero currently has a fleet of 16 aircraft which consists of the following:

FlyAero Baggage Policy

Below is the flyaero baggage policy

Checked Baggage

Passengers are usually given a weight allowance for their checked baggage. Any baggage that exceeds this allowance is charged an excess baggage fee. The fee increases with additional baggage weight.

Permitted Baggage Limitations

Cabin or Hand Baggage

Flyaero passengers in the business and economy class are allowed just one piece of hand luggage. It must not be heavier than 6kg or larger than 33 cm x 20 cm x 45 cm.

FlyAero Airline Contact

  1. Logon to
  2. Select your flight on the Right hand side then Click Find Flights.
  3. Choose your flight time, amount and class, then click continue.
  4. Re-confirm your Flight itinerary, then Click continue.
  5. Insert your Passenger Details, Click Continue.


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Yes. Other destinations include Accra, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Kaduna, Kano, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Sokoto.


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Aero Contractors of Nigeria was formed in 1959 as a wholly owned by Schreiner Airways B.V of the Netherlands. It became a company with initially 40% Nigerian holding in 1973 and subsequently 60% in 1976.

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Since December 2016 the airline has gradually returned to full operations, operating 6,717 flights in 2019.


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