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You can do your Fly Max Air Bookings Now here. Max Airlines is a Nigerian charter airline. Max Air (Flymaxair) was founded in 2008. Since then the airline has grown to a fleet of 9 aircraft. The Max Air headquarters are located in Kano, Nigeria (Kano Mallam Aminu International – KAN).

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Max Air Bookings Online Flight Bookings, Tickets, Prices

Max Air Bookings Online Flight Bookings, Tickets, Prices

Max Air Bookings

MaxAir is a Nigerian airline headquartered in Kano Airport. Max Air operates a fleet of predominantly Boeing aircraft. Their fleet consists of 3 Boeing 737’s and 3 Boeing 747’s. Are you looking to make a Max Air Booking? Max Air Bookings can be made online. Booking flights online has never been quicker, safer and easier. Flight Scanner Nigeria is a leading flight booking website. Thousands of people book cheap flights online with us. Take advantage of our flight comparison and booking tool and book your flights today!

Max Air Online Bookings

Please use the flight booking tool above for your max air online bookings.

Max Air Manage Booking

You can manage your bookings here :

Max Air Manage Booking Online

Passengers with confirmed Max Air flight bookings can:

  • View, print and/or view your ticket
  • Modify your booking
  • Select your seat

Visit this page to Manage your Max Air booking.

Max Air flights Payment

Yes, in Nigeria, you can pay by debit cards issued by all the banks on the InterSwitch and E-Tranzact network. These debit cards are identified by the InterSwitch or E-Tranzact logo on the right-hand side on the reverse side of the card. In international markets, debit and credit cards may be used excluding AMEX.

Max Airlines Fleet

The max air fleet currently includes:

  • 3 BOEING 737
  • 3 BOEING 747

Max Air Destinations

Max Air operates flights to the following airports in Nigeria:

  • Kano
  • Maiduguri
  • Yola
  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Portharcourt
  • Sokoto

Max Airlines Flight Network

The Max Air flight network currently includes:

  • Kano
  • Maiduguri
  • Yola
  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Portharcourt

Max Air Baggage Allowance

Max Air passengers have a check-in baggage allowance of 20kg for domestic flights and 1 item of cabin baggage weighing no more than 8kg. You will be required to pay an extra charge for excess baggage.

Check-in baggage

Each passenger is allowed one item of check-in baggage weighing a maximum of 20 kg. There is no free check-in baggage allowance for infants. Please note that the Max Air Checked Baggage Policy may change without notice. We recommend you contact Max Air customer service should you require confirmation of the current baggage policy.

Cabin baggage

Each passenger is allowed one item of hand baggage.

Your hand baggage must weigh a maximum of:

  • 10 kg ONLY on international flights
  • 8kg on domestic flights

Cabin baggage may have maximum dimensions of 56cms x 45cms x 25cms. If you are travelling with an infant you are allowed to check-in one stroller and carry on a child-care bag, containing items necessary for taking care of the infant for the duration of the flight.

Max Air Check In

Max Air Airport Check-in

Max Air check-in counters open:

  • 2 hours before departure for Domestic flights
  • 3 hours for Regional
  • 4 hours for International flights

Please note that check-in for Max Air flights closes 30 minutes before departure for Domestic Flights, 60 minutes for Regional Flights and 60 minutes for International Flights. Please note that this is subject to change without notice. Contact Max Air customer care for confirmation of check-in desk closure times.

Max Air Online Check-in

You can check-in online for you Max Air flight here. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. There are several benefits to checking in online. For example, you will avoid potentially lengthy queues at the airport. In the event that the flight is overbooked, you are less likely to be ‘bumped’ if you have already checked in online. You have a better choice of seats.

In case you are wondering what it means to be ‘bumped’, this is when an airline prevents you from travelling on the flight you booked because they sold more tickets than there are seats on the plane. It is quite common for airlines to ‘oversell’ flights because it is almost guaranteed that a certain percentage of customers will not show up for the flight. The problem comes when everyone shows up and there are not enough seats for everyone.

Cheapest Max Airlines flight from Lagos to Abuja

Flight prices from Lagos to Abuja fluctuate depending on a number of factors such as:

  • the time of the year
  • the time of the day
  • major holidays, such as Christmas, Ramadan, Easter etc.
  • the day of the week

In simple terms, the more people that want to travel on a specific flight, the more expensive the flight tickets will be. Flights on Monday mornings and Fridays evenings are often more expensive than midweek flights because lots of people need to fly at these times for work.

Max Airlines Flights Routes

  • Max Air Flights from Kano to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights from Kano to Lagos
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Kano
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Lagos
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Maiduguri
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Port Harcourt
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Sokoto
  • Max Air Flights from Abuja to Yola
  • Max Air Flights from Lagos to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights from Lagos to Kano
  • Max Air Flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt
  • Max Air Flights from Lagos to Yola
  • Max Air Flights from Maiduguri to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights Port Harcourt to Lagos
  • Max Air Flights Port Harcourt to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights Sokoto to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights Yola to Abuja
  • Max Air Flights Yola to Lagos

Use the flight booking tool at the top of this page to search for flights to these destinations.

Max Air flight schedule

Check out the image below for the Max Air flight schedule. Please note that airlines update their flight schedules regularly.

Use the flight search tool at the top of this page to view the available flight times to your chosen destination.

Max Air Contact Details

Max Air Kano, Nigeria

16, Ashton Road, Kano,
Kano state

Max Airlines General Inquiries

Max Air Head Office, Kano

+234 (0) 9090092207
+234 (0) 9090092201

Max Airlines Customer Service Kano

+234 (0) 9090092200
+234 (0) 9090092237

Max Air Customer Service Lagos

+234 (0) 9090092220

Max Airlines Customer Service Abuja

+234 (0) 9090092221

Max Air Complaints

Max Airlines Refunds

Max Airlines Website

The official Max Air website is or but not or or or You can book Max Air flights directly with the airline at

Max Airlines News

25th June 2018 –  Max Airlines Sets To Begin Domestic Flights With Three Aircraft – Read more

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