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Travelex Nigeria is a subsidiary of its mother company Travelex. This mother company is a Travel Money and Currency Exchange Services company rendering it services internationally. To many, they are best described as a foreign exchange and travel money service, which also offers secure international money transfers through its International Payments service. With this, you can send money to more than 170 countries around the world and when you send more than £2,500 you do not have to pay any transfer fees.

Among their numerous customers’ relationship activities, they offer 24/7 customer support if you ever wish to speak to one of their experienced currency dealers.

Travelex Nigeria Rates, Fees, Reviews, Contact, Card, Login
Travelex Nigeria Rates, Fees, Reviews, Contact, Card, Login


Their International Payments fee is reasonable and quite understanding in such a way that if you transfer more than £2,500 a flat fee of £7 will apply to your transaction. But in a case where your transfer is less than the £2,500 benchmark, you wouldn’t pay any fee for the transfer. You can, therefore, save money on your international transfer by sending a smaller amount.


The Travelex international payments services is available in over 170 countries with the exception of countries like Afghanistan, Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.


The process is simple

  • You start by registering on their website
  • Then request to make a transfer
  • After submitting the required details, the quote would be shown to you
  • If you’re OK with it, the money would be deducted from your account into the Travelex account
  • Then sent to the recipient.



Address: 23, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Telephone: 01-2666764


Area 11, Abuja


A household name in the world of business. Oftentimes people who intend to travel outside the shores of their countries, send money to their loved ones or even pay for international transactions to be carried out like tuition fee for studying abroad, online shopping, etc, find it hard to acquire or purchase foreign currencies from those financial institutions that are into the sale of foreign currencies to buyers, hence making many people to become stranded and unable to carry out any financial transaction in that foreign country. With the presence of Travelex, traveling abroad has been made easier than ever. This is something to be appreciated and patronized.

Travelex group is an international exchange company with its headquarters in London and was founded by Lloyd Dorfman in 1976. It is in the business of foreign currencies exchange. It makes international currencies of various types available at the request of its customers, provided that they have registered with the company and have an operational account through which they can make their requests at any point in time, as the demands arise.

TRAVELEX  Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today

Travelex is available in over 150 countries of the world. It has its branches in different parts of Nigeria, with Abuja and Lagos inclusive.


  1. Cheaper Currencies Rates: Travelex Nigeria Exchange Rates – sells foreign currencies to buyers at a lesser or affordable exchange rate unlike the Bureau De Change (BDC) foreign. Many foreign currency providers promise to provide the lowest online prices for currency, but Travelex offers you the best way to order foreign currencies from the comfort of your home.
  2. Fast Currency Delivery: With Travelex Nigeria Worldwide, you get access to faster means of currency delivering available at your finger-tip. This quick delivery method has endeared Travelex Nigeria to her numerous customers scattered all around the nation, compared to other competitors.
  3. Resale of Un-used Currencies: It offers the customers the opportunity to sell back any unused foreign currency after the expiration of their vacation. This is so because certain individuals get the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a particular country after which at the end of the vacation such currency becomes un-useful again to them considering the fact that they would not be visiting the country again.
  4. Home Delivery Service: Travelex Nigeria Worldwide offers home delivery service that is; you can choose to have your foreign currencies delivered to you right at the comfort of your home (anytime, anywhere).
  5. Travelex Nigeria offers all her customers the opportunity to choose the currency of their choice and not the denomination.
  6. Safe and Reliable: Travelex is safe and reliable, compared to other black market sellers. Every customer who operates using Travelex Nigeria has an account with the company, within which the personal information of the customer is preserved and protected from the access of fraudsters. For people who have used Travelex, they can testify that it is highly recommendable, dependable and confidential.
  7. It is Affordable: With its affordable rates, fee, and interest on money transfer, the customers can be rest assured that they are not being exploited. It availability and accessibility by the customers can be seen in its creation of branches in international airports in Nigeria, e.g Murtala Mohammed airport Lagos.
  8. Great Customer Service: Travelex offers you as a customer great customer services, reduces the delay in the ordering process and makes currencies easily accessible to those in need of it. Travelex Nigeria has a good customer service network, such that they give quick responses to the complaints of their numerous customers.
  9. Travelex Travel Card: Why worry about international ATM fees when with Travelex your worries are catered for. With a prepaid MasterCard Travelex Money Card, you have the privilege of having six (6) different currencies in your bank account which will offer you the chance to trade using anyone of your choice. Travelex meets with all the financial expectations of its customers abroad.
  10. Universally Recognised: Travelex is universally accepted and recognized by international financial institutions. Even the federal government through the Central Bank of Nigeria, recognizes the huge financial investments Travelex over the years have invested into the Nigerian economy, which has made it gain a high level of trust from the government and other commercial financial institutions.

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