US Visa Application Processing, Renewal & Requirements in Nigeria

The US Visa is one of the most sought after Visas especially in Nigeria. This is like your ticket to get into the United States of American especially if you want to live the American dream.

From the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York and legendary museums and galleries of Washington D.C. to the green pastures of Atlanta and pioneering Space Center in Houston, the United States is a place of beauty and historical wonder.

And with this step-by-step guide on how to obtain a US Tourist Visa, your dreams of exploring some of the most iconic landscapes in the world just got a whole lot easier. With the visa application process simplified, all you need to do is plan your trip and book your tickets!

US Visa Application in Nigeria

Nigerian passport holders require a tourist visa to visit the United States. Fortunately, it is a relatively straightforward process! The first step in the US Visa Application process is submitting your application online through the US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center.

You will then need to complete the US Visa Application and attend your interview at the US Embassy in Abuja or United States Consulate General in Lagos.

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We recommend checking your eligibility before beginning the application process and submitting your application at least three months in advance in advance of flight departure.

US Visa Application Processing, Renewal & Requirements in Nigeria
US Visa Application Processing, Renewal & Requirements in Nigeria

Types of US Visa

The two most common Non immigrant Visas (Visitor Visas) for the United States are the:

Business (B-1) visas

  • consult with business associates
  • attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference
  • settle an estate
  • negotiate a contract

Tourism (B-2)

  • tourism
  • vacation (holiday)
  • visit with friends or relatives
  • medical treatment
  • participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations
  • participation by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests, if not being paid for participating
  • enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation).

US Visa Validity

The B-2 Visitor Visa allows the holder to stay in the United States for up to six months at a time. The validity of the visa is usually about two years.

Note: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of return.

The wait time for appointments can be up to two months, while the processing time for the application is usually between 5 to 15 days. These times can vary depending on the type of application submitted, whether the application is complete, and the volume of received applications.

US Visa Fees in Nigeria

The non-refundable application fee for business and tourist visas is about ₦57,680.00 (about $160). Payments can be made in cash at a GTBank branch or online if you are an account holder at GTBank. They are also subject to change whenever the embassy deems it fit.

Note: You will need to present your passport when you make a payment at a GTBank branch. You should also ensure you receive a receipt when making the payment, as you will need to provide this when you attend your interview.

How Much is US Visa fee in Nigeria Today

If you are wondering how much is US Visa fee in Nigerian Naira today, it is as we stated above : about ₦57,680.00 (about $160)

US Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

  • An original Nigerian passport that has two blank pages for visa and entry stamps and is valid for at least six months beyond your return date.
  • Previous passports (for travel history).
  • Barcoded DS-160 form confirmation page.
  • Appointment confirmation page.
  • Two colour photos that meet the US Visa photo requirements.
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Proof of funds (i.e. bank statements, payslips, proof of assets and investments etc.)
  • Supporting documents such as invitation letters, letter of employment, provisional flight bookings and travel itinerary etc.

How to Apply for US Visa in Nigeria?

  1. Photographs that meet the US Visa photo requirements should be obtained before beginning the application process. You will need to upload a digital photograph with your application.
  2. Complete the DS-160 form and submit the visa application online through the US Department of State website. Print out the barcoded confirmation page.
  3. Pay the non-refundable processing fee online or over the counter at a bank. You will need to take the receipt with to your interview.
  4. Schedule an appointment online or through a call centre (234) 1 440 6218. You will need the following documents when making your appointment:
      • Your passport number.
      • Your fee payment receipt purchase date.
      • The 10-digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page.
  1. Gather your documents and any supporting documents that may help your application.
  2. Attend your US Visa Application appointment at the US Embassy in Abuja or US Consulate General in Lagos. You will need to bring the following documents with you to the interview:
      • Your current and previous passports
      • Appointment confirmation letter
      • Barcoded DS-160 confirmation page
      • Receipt of the visa application fee
      • A colour photograph that meets the photo requirements
  1. If your visa is approved, your passport with the visa will be delivered to the pick-up location you specified when you scheduled your appointment or couriered to your chosen address.

How Get US Visa Application Form

You can get the US visa Application form online here

US Visa Interview Schedule

You must schedule an appointment for your visa interview, generally, at the U.S. embassy or consulate in Nigeria.

Wait times for interview appointments vary by location, season, and visa category, so you should apply for your visa early.

US Visa Appointment in Nigeria

  • Fees – You must pay the required US Visa fee before your interview.
  • The Interview: If you have an interview in the US embassy in Nigeria, you have to be very well prepared. Your performance at the interview determines whether you get the US visa or not. We can help you prepare for your US visa interview. We provide a robust US visa preparation service.

Where to apply for a US Visa?

Applications can be done online through the US Department of State website.

You will submit your US Visa Application online but will be required to attend the visa interview in person at the embassy or consulate general.

US Visa Tracking

If you want to track your US Visa or are interested in US Visa tracking, then track from here.

US Visa Renewal in Nigeria

If your US Visa is expired and you want to process a new one of do a renewal, then you need to locate the USA embassy in Nigeria. Visit the ones in Lagos or Abuja below:

US Embassy in Abuja

Address: Plot 1075 Diplomatic DriveCentral District Area,

Abuja, Nigeria

Telephone: (234) 9 461 4000
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM – 4 PM

United States Consulate General in Lagos

Address: 2 Walter Carrington CrescentVictoria Island


Telephone: (234) 1 460 3600
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Thursday 7 AM – 4 PMFriday 7 AM – 1 PM

Available Date for US Visa Interview in Lagos

Most times, you will be informed about the days you can come for your interview. But they are always and mostly opened as stated : Monday to Thursday 7 AM – 4 PM | Friday 7 AM – 1 PM

If you need more info on getting your US Visa, then comment below!!


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